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Monolithic Integrated CNC Phase Shifter O339

Monolithic Integrated CNC Phase Shifter O335D

The O335D is a GaAs 6-bit digital phase shifter chip. Operating frequency 2~6GHz, insertion loss is less than 14.5dB, and its basic shift phase is -5.625°, -11.25°, -22.°5, -4°5, -9°0, -18°0, total phase shift It is -354.37°5 core. The on-chip integrated driver, which uses simpler phase shift characteristics and port standing wave characteristics within the operating frequency range, is ideally suited for microwave hybrid integrated circuits and multi-chip modules as well as low-power systems. The chip uses on-chip via metallization process to ensure a good grounding, no additional grounding measures, easy to use. The backside of the chip is metallized and suitable for eutectic sintering or conductive adhesive bonding processes.