RF Power Divider

Power Dividers is yet another expertise of RFecho. Precision in manufacturing and consistence in performance is assured. RF/microwave power divider splits input signals into two equal and identical (i.e. in-phase) signals. If used as a power combiner, common port would be the output and the two equal power ports are used as the inputs. Important specifications when used as a power divider include the insertion loss, amplitude and phase balance between the arms, and return losses. For power combining of uncorrelated signals, the most important specification is the isolation, which is the insertion loss from one equal power port to the other. RFecho provides 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, 6 way, 8 way, 12 way, 16 way and 32 way. A few of the highlights of RF Power Dividers are:

  • Up to 32 way of Power Divider
  • Can be used as combiners or splitters
  • High isolation, blocking signal cross-talk between output ports
  • Low insertion and return loss
  • Excellent (<0.5dB) amplitude and (<3°) phase balance

Important merits to be considered while selecting right power divider includes splitting ratio/coupling ratio, relative phase shift, amplitude balance, amplitude ripple, phase balance, phase ripple, insertion loss, power divider isolation, coupler isolation and directivity, VSWR/return loss.

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