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Monolithic Integrated CNC Phase Shifter O339

Monolithic Integrated CNC Phase Shifter O319

The O319 is a GaAs 8-bit digital phase shifter chip. Operating frequency 1.5~1.8GHz, insertion loss less than 5.3dB, basic phase shift -1.4, -2.8, -5.625, -11.25, -22.5, -45, -90, -180, total The phase shift amount is -361.375° The chip has excellent phase shift accuracy and port standing wave characteristics over the entire operating frequency range and is ideally suited for microwave hybrid integrated circuits and multi-chip modules as well as low-power systems. The chip uses on-chip through-hole metallization process to ensure goodGood grounding does not require additional grounding measures and is easy to use. The backside of the chip is metallized and suitable for eutectic sintering or conductive adhesive bonding processes.