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GaAs Monolithic Integrated Power Amplifier O243

GaAs Monolithic Integrated Power Amplifier O220

The O220 is a GaAs monolithic integrated power amplifier chip operating at 15.0-17.5 Ghz delivering 20dB of power gain and 36dBm of saturated output power with 100us pulse width, 10% duty cycle, and +8 V operation. The power added efficiency 25%. The power amplifier chip using on-chip through-hole metallization process to ensure a good grounding, no additional grounding measures, easy to use. The back of the chip was metallized, suitable for eutectic sintering process.
15 dBi Gain

增益 15 dBi ,频率 15 GHz – 22 GHz, WR-51 标准增益喇叭天线 OLB-51-15

大洋微波OLB-51-15是一款标准增益喇叭天线,在整个频带内提供15dBi的增益,并带有一个方形盖法兰。它的频率范围从 15 GHz - 22 GHz。大洋微波标准增益喇叭天线OLB-51-15被称为具有WR-51波导的波导喇叭。 它采用精密电极切割铜型材制造,提供精确、一致和可靠的性能。 该天线适用于天线范围、天线增益测量、系统设置。

大洋微波OLB-51-15的HPBW具有H 30° / V 30°的H面和V面波束宽度。标准增益喇叭天线具有线性极化。标准增益喇叭天线的材料是铝。标准增益喇叭天线使用的阻抗为50欧姆。