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GaAs Monolithic Integrated Switch O147

GaAs Monolithic Integrated Switch O133

O133 is a reflective gallium arsenide pHEMT single pole double throw switch chip, working frequency covers 20 ~ 40GHz. The switch chip can provide less than 1.6dB insertion loss and greater than 25dB isolation across the entire operating band. Use 0/-5V logic control, no external power supply bias, no power consumption. It is often suitable for microwave hybrid integrated circuits and multi-chip modules as well as low-power systems. The chip uses on-chip via metallization process to ensure a good grounding, no additional grounding measures, easy to use. The backside of the chip is metallized and suitable for eutectic sintering or conductive adhesive bonding processes.
15 dBi Gain

增益15dBi,频率20GHz-24.5GHz, WR-396 圆锥喇叭天线 OCN-396-15