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Monolithic Integrated (Dual) Bidirectional Amplifier O599

Monolithic Integrated (Dual) Bidirectional Amplifier O560

The O560 is a GaAs monolithic integrated bi-directional amplifier chip working in 8.0-12.0GHz. The transmit path can provide 27dB gain and 19.5dBm P1dB output power at a +5V and 175mA operating current. The receive path is at +5V and 55mA. At operating current, it provides 26dB gain and P1dB output power over 8dBm. The bi-directional amplifier chip adopts an on-chip via hole metallization process to ensure good grounding, no additional grounding measures are needed, and the use is simple and convenient. The backside of the chip is metallized and suitable for eutectic sintering or conductive adhesive bonding processes.